Develop a realistic expectation of sleep and help form great habits by settling by your baby's cues - not by the book or a clock.



Sleep Optimisation


You've had your birthing classes, you're all prepared with your feeding plan. Now learn to develop good sleeping habits for your baby with a program based on experience and evidence in an interactive and practical form in a series of short videos to give quick hints and tips

Help empower you to read your baby's cues

Give you a framework to base your day

Help prevent long term sleep issues

Feel prepared to navigate the world of baby sleep

What does




Glad you asked !

Online program is 'do at your own pace'

The online programs includes 7 videos to watch in your own time with some handouts to compliment.

Regular live chats with Karen

Become a member of Little Petals Group a private Facebook group for live sessions and ongoing support.

A community platform that connects you to other like-minded parents

Having a community of like-minded parents in a closed group creates casual atmosphere encouraging and building meaningful relationships and conversation.

In home and online consultations available

Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, any face to face consultations can now be done online or contact us to discuss.





to the private



as well as

live chats.

We believe,

'your baby,

your way'





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Hi Karen, So I went home and did my best to resettle the twins when they woke after 45mins during nap time. They both had big 2 hour naps in the afternoon. Bed time was then pushed back to 7:30pm. Both went down without any screaming (first time in 3 weeks)!! They slept through and woke at 6am and 6:30am.Thanks so much for the chat yesterday I think it really helped!
Rebecca, Mum to 4 month old twins
Hi Karen, just wanted to let you know how Billie is going with new strategy. Since Sunday night I have not fed her over night at all and she is responding very well to me walking out if she tries to resist. Last night I only had to get up once and it was for a very short time just to tap her bottom for about a minute and then she took herself back off to sleep. The last two nights she has not even bothered to try and stand up if I’ve gone in and she just lies herself back down and doesn’t take much to resettle her. So glad I am seeing a difference and I’m being very consistent which is paying off! Yay!
Happy Mummy
We were so grateful to hear of Little Petal’s Baby Sleep Solutions. Even though Arlo was my fourth child, I felt I needed a recap and a little reassurance given our busy day schedules juggling work and our other three kids. I knew sleep was one area we always struggled through with our babies and wanted to be prepared with the most up-to-date advice. Karen’s knowledge and calm manner of delivery helped me see where I had previously gone wrong and what I could focus on with our baby Arlo right from the go-get. I think we would be in a much different place if it hadn’t been for Karen’s help.
Mother of 4