I’m not here to tell you what to do, I know you’re already doing a great job.

But I can give you some helpful little tips that will optimise the amount of sleep your little petal has.
Karen Johnson

Baby Sleep Advisor

Little Petals was born out of Karen’s desire to help new parents have as smooth a time as possible.

Karen's first set of twins both boys.

"While working in an inpatient mother baby unit for sometime, I see the troubles the parents have. I know the pain and trouble lack of sleep can cause. The thing that struck me was how often the parents said I wish we knew. I want to be the person that tells them."

From working as a registered nurse in a private hospital sleep school for 9 years, she’s seen how hard it is for parents and babies to change a pattern once it’s established. Through her work she has seen how some advice early on can prevent problems down the track. And having two sets of twins herself, she certainly knows the affects of sleep deprivation!

Little Petals aims to educate parents about baby sleep requirements to help ease the stress of early parenthood.

We want to teach parents everything they didn’t know they needed to know.

Karen's 2nd set of twins, a girl and boy

The benefits to baby sleep can’t be understated. Improved sleep habits can lead to better health outcome for the infant and family.

There is so much information out there and it becomes confusing and overwhelming. We aim to show Mums how to read their baby and respond to their cues. We want them to see how much sleep their baby needs and how much the babies can do on their own.

To teach a parent how to read their baby will set them in good stead to change as their baby grows and set them with good patterns.

We want Mums to be able to form plans when all is not going ‘to plan'.

We promise we will help you feel as prepared as possible to form great sleep habits.

Our Philosophy

React to baby's cue as appropriate

Ensure baby is having enough sleep

Look after Mum

Be Flexible

Value evidence

Sleep promotes sleep

Good sleep is a key foundation

Enjoy your baby