When to attend?

To get the most out of the Sleep Optimisation program we recommend you get started when you’re pregnant to be well prepared and then delve right into it when your baby is 6–12 weeks old.

Do not worry if you are beyond the prevention stage and have found yourself in a world of sleep deprivation deeper than you could have ever imagined...

We also offer home visits to improve sleep patterns that aren’t working for your family.

What you'll learn?

  • Learn how to read your baby’s tired signs
  • Understand how much sleep they need
  • How to fit feed–play–sleep into your life
  • Discuss the value of self care for parents
  • Answers to loads of FAQs

How will it help you?

It’s less stressful for parents and baby to prevent sleep issues with simple learned techniques than to fix issues once they have developed.

Personalised approach – Gentle techniques to suit any situation.
We believe ‘your baby, your way’. We’ll give you the basics and you can go from there.

We have loads of experience to offer – we’ve seen it all.