Another baby sleep expert?

August 24, 2020

Hello! I thought I would share my motivation for starting Little Petals. I’m sure you’re wondering why I thought it was necessary to have yet ANOTHER baby sleep expert out there. Well firstly, I never call myself a sleep ‘expert’ - But I have worked with a lot of babies with sleep issues. I’ve helped A LOT of Mums and Dads who have trouble with the early days of parenting. It can be heartbreaking to see many new parents struggling through these precious first moments with their sweet babes. 

Working for many years in a sleep school, we generally see the most extreme cases of sleeplessness. Mums and Dads who have been referred to us when the problem is beyond solving for themselves. 

However, there are a plethora of new parents out there, who are perhaps having some sleep issues - which they maybe wouldn’t consider to be ‘extreme’ but it is enough to cause them some discomfort or concern. Perhaps not serious enough to warrant a visit to the GP for a referral to sleep school, but enough to question whether their bubs sleep (or lack of) is ‘normal’. As well as take some enjoyment out of those early days.

New Parents in this predicament don’t often seek professional advice. They might ask their mothers group, they might ask a friend, they will almost certainly consult Dr Google.  There is so much information on baby sleep available it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. It’s also often delivered as general advice, failing to consider all parents and babies are different. 

While many well meaning friends and family can offer their advice, there is no guarantee it will work and when it doesn’t, it can leave new parents feeling even more helpless, confused and less likely to seek more help. 

This is why I started Little Petals. I wanted parents to have access to an experienced, independent and non judgemental voice and solid, tailored advice. I hope to provide the insight to see that parents and babies' needs are complex and there is definitely no one size fits all answer. To help them identify issues and give them confidence and encouragement to settle their baby and create some great sleep habits. 

After all, babies are little for such a short period of time. Enjoying these precious moments is much sweeter when everyone has had a good solid dose of beautiful, soul filling, delicious sleep.